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Beach Huts
The Beach Huts are set to reopen on 12 Apr 2021. If we are allowed to reopen any sooner we will update our social media and this page.

Beach Apartments

Beach Apartments are set to reopen 12 Apr 2021.

Until then, current Covid restrictions mean you cannot leave your home or the place where you are living for holidays or overnight stays unless you have a reasonable excuse for doing so. This means that holidays in the UK are not allowed.

You are only allowed to stay overnight away from your home if you:

– are attending a medical appointment or treatment
– are unable to return to your main residence
– need accommodation while moving house
– need accommodation to attend a funeral or related commemorative event
– require accommodation for work purposes or to provide voluntary services
– are a child requiring accommodation for school or care
– are homeless, seeking asylum or a vulnerable person seeking refuge
– are an elite athlete or their support staff or parent, if the athlete is under 18 and it is necessary to be outside of the home for training or competition

What if I have a lockdown booking?
If you have a booking that falls inside a National Lockdown period, we want to reassure you that we will take all the necessary steps to help you rearrange your visit and you do not need to do anything, we will be in touch via email. We would really appreciate it if you let us get in touch with you rather than calling us at this time.

You will have the option to move your booking to a new date or transfer your deposit to a Gift Voucher that will be valid for 24 months to use at either the beach huts or apartments.

What should I expect when I visit?
We are taking steps in line with government guidance to keep our guests and teams safe, whilst giving you the same enjoyable experience. Read on to see our safety precautions and to find out what to expect when visiting us.

We want to reassure you that we’ve put measures in place so that you can confidently enjoy a stay with us. The experience may look a little different in this new normal, but we hope it will feel the same; ultimately, it is still our people caring for you and delivering the same attention to detail that you are used to from us.

We firmly believe this needs to be a joint effort, so we ask you to please play your part in keeping everyone safe. In return we will be doing the same for you by:

Carrying out Risk Assessments & Staff Training
Adhering to Government guidelines for physical distancing
Providing hand sanitiser for staff & guests at every possible opportunity
Minimising contact between staff & guests at every possible opportunity
Reducing the number of permitted occupants to a Maximum of 6.

We are carrying out these measures in a way that is true to who we are, so whilst the health and safety of our team and guests is our absolute top priority, we still want you to be able to relax in a space that feels familiar.

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