Beach Hut Rental

Beach Hut Rental

🏠 Beach Hut Rental is from 10am until midnight (1 Night)

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Maximum Hut Capacity 6

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🏠 Beach Hut Amenities

Our beach huts are equipped with modern amenities to elevate your seaside experience:

🌐 Mains Electricity
🍽️ Small Kitchen
🚰 20 Litres Fresh Water
❄️ Fridge
🔥 Heater
🍜 Microwave
☕ Kettle
🍶 Cups, Glasses, Plates, and Cutlery for 6
🧼 Freshly Laundered Tea Towel, Cleaning Cloth, and Washing Up Liquid
⚓️ Ship’s Table
💺 Bench Seating for 2
🪑 4 x Chairs

​​​​​​​⚠️ To ensure everyone’s comfort and safety, the maximum capacity per hut is 6 individuals.

📅 Plan Your Day with Ease

For an optimal Beach Hut experience, it’s essential to plan ahead. By booking in advance, you not only secure your desired spot but also gain sufficient time to meticulously organise your day. Additionally, we highly recommend exploring our 🔗 Beach Hut Guest Information. This resource includes a comprehensive list of tips and ideas, specifically designed to elevate your beachside experience.

🏡 The ‘Show Hut’

Step into seaside luxury with our exclusive ‘Show Hut’ – a hidden gem nestled at the end of the promenade with all the usual amenities but, boasting a private garden and no neighbouring huts!

The Show Hut - St Annes Beach Huts

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Maximum Show Hut Capacity 8

🌅 Private Garden
🌊 Proximity to Beach Access
🚗 Closest to Car Park
🚾 Convenient Toilet Access

Book the ‘Show Hut’ now, (listed seperately on the Availability Calendar above), for an exclusive seaside experience like no other! 🌟

🏠🏠🏠 Adjoining Beach Huts

Adjoining Beach Huts for Seamless Gatherings!

At St Annes Beach Huts, we deeply appreciate the value of shared moments at the seaside. For those looking to enjoy the coastal allure with a group and prefer adjacent huts, consider this advice:

Booking Your Adjoining Beach Huts in 4 Easy Steps:

1️⃣ Choose Your Date: Select your preferred date on the calendar above.
2️⃣ Specify Occupants: Indicate a maximum of 6 occupants per hut.
3️⃣ Duration of Stay: 1 Night (10 AM to midnight).
4️⃣ Select Your Huts: On the next screen, choose the number of adjoining huts you need.

ℹ️ We always allocate adjoining huts if booked under the same name or booking

🏖️ Discover the Time-Honored Tradition of Beach Hut Day Rentals in St Annes!

For decades, Beach Hut rental in St Annes has woven itself into the fabric of tradition. It transcends the simple act of securing a spot by the sea; it’s an invitation to spend a day immersed in the coastal magic, surrounded by family and friends, all from your very own private haven.

🎈 A Day at the Seaside Sanctuary

Picture this: a day spent with your loved ones, immersed in the breathtaking coastal scenery and the invigorating sea air. Our Beach Huts provide more than just shelter; they offer a personal base where you can create lasting memories and revel in the simple joys of seaside living.

🏖️ Enjoy the Coastal Scenery

Nestled by the sea, our Beach Huts provide a front-row seat to the ever-changing tapestry of coastal beauty. From the calming waves to the panoramic views, each moment is a frame in a seaside masterpiece.

🌞 Breathe in the Fresh Sea Air

Firstly, embrace the Coastal Serenity. Inhale deeply and let the rejuvenating sea air refresh your senses. Then, as you settle into your Beach Hut, allow it to become your tranquil retreat. Here, you can fully embrace the peacefulness of the seaside.

🌦️ Prepare for Every Forecast

St Annes’ weather may be unpredictable, but with a bit of preparation, you can embrace the charm of the seaside regardless of the forecast. Pack a delightful picnic, bring suitable clothing, and don’t let inclement weather dampen your spirits. The sun often surprises, and magnificent sunsets await those who are prepared with extra layers.

🌞 Seize the Sunshine: Plan Your Beach Hut Day!

Planning a beach hut day? Secure your spot in the sun by booking in advance! 🗓️ Booking early not only ensures you get your preferred date (especially in school holidays) but also grants you the luxury of anticipation and thoughtful preparation.

🧺 Picnic Ready, Forecast Steady!

To ensure a perfect beach day, start by packing a delightful picnic and choosing weather-appropriate attire. Next, remember to bring your favorite treats along with a cozy blanket. Finally, dress according to the forecast, preparing yourself for a day of seaside bliss, whether it’s rain or shine.

☔ Turn Rain into Radiance

Worried about the weather? Fear not! Inclement weather is no match for a well-prepared beachgoer. Sometimes, the sun surprises us, even when the forecast disagrees. Don’t let a little rain dampen your spirits; with a bit of planning, your day can still sparkle.

🌅 Savor the Sunset Moments

Sunsets at the beach are magical moments. Booking ahead ensures you won’t miss out, and packing those extra layers means you can linger longer, savoring the beauty of the setting sun. Don’t rush; let the seaside charm you from sunrise to sunset. Embrace the Sunset Moments.

🍽️ Beach Hut Rental – Food Ideas

Discover a trove of Food Ideas that will elevate your beachside feast. From convenient snacks to delightful meals, our guide is filled with culinary inspiration to make your day by the sea truly delectable.

Whether you’re a seasoned beach enthusiast or a first-time visitor, our Beach Hut Guest Book is tailored to assist you in planning the perfect day. Get acquainted with the nuances of Beach Hut living and turn every moment into a cherished memory.

🕰️ Discover the Rich History of St Annes Beach Huts!

History - St Annes Beach Huts 1980

St Annes Beach huts hold a rich and storied history in St Annes. Initially, witness this through our captivating collection of nostalgic photos. Then, as you explore, travel through the years, experiencing the beach huts’ evolving journey.

🔗 St Annes Beach Huts through the years.

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