History St Annes Beach Huts 1980

History of St Annes Beach Huts 

Beach Huts have a long history in St Annes and they have been around on the Fylde coast for hundreds of years in one shape or another. The last beach huts in St Annes, (main picture above), were demolished in the late 1980s.

The St Annes Beach Hut team have worked hard since 2010 bringing the beach huts back to St Annes. The new Beach Huts provide a modern twist to an old-fashioned seaside tradition. The scenes at the Beach Huts today are really no different than the ones decades ago. It is the simple pleasure of spending quality time with family and friends at the seaside. That is what really makes the experience special. 

A really big thank you to all our Hutters for helping us along our journey. 

Here are a few images we’ve collected along the way.

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