🚚 Stay Salty 🚚

Introducing 🚚 Stay Salty!

Your New Seaside Coffee Haven in Lytham St Annes 🌊☕🍩

We are thrilled to introduce “Stay Salty,” your ultimate destination for fresh, delicious seaside treats. Located right on the St Annes seafront, our coffee van offers a delightful menu of specialty coffees, pastries, and snacks, perfect for enjoying a day at the seaside.

🙏 Help Us Keep Serving You!

Fylde Council is currently reviewing our planning application, and we need your support to keep “Stay Salty” as a permanent fixture in our community.

Your feedback can make all the difference!

How You Can Help:

🎥 Watch Our Video: Get a glimpse of what “Stay Salty” is all about and why we love serving you.

📧 Send an Email: Share your support by emailing planning@fylde.gov.uk by 22nd July. Your message can be as simple as expressing your love for “Stay Salty” and how it benefits our community

📢 Spread the Word: Encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to support us too! Share our video and this page on social media.

Why Your Support Matters

“Stay Salty” isn’t just about great coffee; it’s about community, convenience, and enhancing the charm of Lytham St Annes.

By supporting our application, you’re helping us to provide:

☕️ Delicious, High-Quality Coffee: Savor our expertly crafted coffees made from the finest, locally-sourced beans, paired perfectly with our selection of delectable snacks.

🎉 A Vibrant Community Space: Our beautifully restored, 50-year-old J7 adds a charming touch, perfectly in keeping with the seafront theme and providing a great spot for visitors and locals alike.

🚶‍♂️Convenience for All: Quick, tasty beverages and snacks right where you need them.

Email Your Support Today!

📧 Email: planning@fylde.gov.uk

🗓️ Deadline: 22nd July

Planning Aplication Details

Planning Number: 24/0298

See planning Details Here: Fylde Council Planning Application

Stay Salty Coffee Van

🚚 1970s Peugeot J7 – lovingly restored by T.R.Ailer.co

Thank you for being a valued part of our Beach Hut & Apartment community and for supporting us in this exciting new chapter. We look forward to serving you the best seaside coffee experience for years to come! 🎉

Warmest regards,

Zoe ⚓️⛵️

St Annes Beach Apartments
📲 +44 (0) 7980808096
📧 staysaltyvan@gmail.com